Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 14 Homework


4 Model Sheets from any of the assignments you did this semester! (Yeah, Hong updated the assignment.) Say you want to choose, one of your favorite street fighter designs, one of your designs from last week, and two from the beginning of the semester that works. Just any designs you've turned in so far. Line work is just fine also. Hong suggested that you could use whatever you guys thought best suited your portfolios.

At least 3 views would be cool. 4 would also be excellent.  Ex. Front, side, back, 3/4, and maybe even 3/4 back if you guys include 3/4.  For creatures it needs to be top, side and back view.

Action poses are okay, but no crazy perspective poses.


Oh and always put up your name and week number in the subject, really helps with grading thanks! (:

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