Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 11 Homework - Live Action Costume Design

Yo! Sorry about last week guys, I'll try and be more prompt with the homework postings.

This week's homework consists of 5 more sketches for each of your characters! (20 in all) Try and define a little further than your previous sketches, although these aren't expected to be of a finished quality. No render! And quick tip, your character can have the same pose for each iteration. You can just draw one nude base and then duplicate it and put a different costume on each. It'll save you guys a lot of time.

Oh and try to be more definitive with your research guys. So for example, clothing from your period, possibly photos of your materials, and maybe even detail shots of things like buckles your basing your character's shoes on. Really focusing on the costumes.
Reminder Notes from Hong: A character's costume often communicates where they're from, while their accessories communicates their occupation. Both really communicate a personality too.

If your character goes through a transformation, ex. Cinderella, your five sketches should at least feature two sketches of them at their opposite states. Ex. Poor Cinderella and Ball Gown Cinderella

Oh and here's some inspiration from Paul Kwan's gallery! I couldn't find a lot of the stuff Hong was showing from Aeon though. :( Check it, check it though!

Link and link!

Can't wait to see your guys' sketches! :D

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